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Eliminate paper-based signing process with Signature Generator. Start signing your PDF files electronically in seconds.
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How to Sign a PDF Online?
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1. For starters, upload the PDF to our Sign Tool.

2. Design an electronic signature to place on PDF.

3. Insert text and date over requirement. Tap “Finish” to download the signed PDF.

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What Can You Do with Our Sign-PDF Tool?

The user can add a signature to PDF and sign PDF on any device. Our digital signature tool eliminates the cost of faxing, printing, and scanning. We provide our client an easy way to sign PDF.

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Secure and Legally Binding

Our PDF signature is legally binding and complies with ESIGN Act, eIDAS, and UETA. They can be transmitted anywhere due to their validity and are safeguarded with effective security measures.

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Is It Safe to Sign PDF Online?
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It is safe to sign a PDF online. Our digital signature maker offers security and privacy, which means that anyone can sign online with confidence.

Can I Sign PDF on a Mac, Linux, or Smartphone?

Our tool allows you to sign PDF on a Mac, Linux, or even a smartphone because it is online. To access it, one needs to access a browser with a stable internet connection.

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