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How to Type Your Signature Online?

A signature generator helps you to type your signature digitally while selecting from a range of beautiful handwriting fonts. You can customize your signature to the theme and colors you want. The process for creating an online signature will take a few clicks and swipes, which is pretty easy and straightforward.

  • To type your signature, you can use your computer or smartphone keyboard to do it. It's definitely one of the simplest ways to generate an electronic signature.
  • After entering your name, you can now pick any font you want that matches the signature of your document.
  • When you have typed and picked the font and color of your signature, just press the Save button.

You can now use your typed signature on any online documents, emails, and websites to make the most of its advantages.

What Are the Benefits of Type Signature?

Creating your signature by typing it online is quite simple. There are several advantages of the type signature:

  • Using online signatures can help businesses to make their workflow effective, in which they don’t need to use the traditional means of signing documents to print, sign and scan the document.
  • Type signatures can save time that you just need to sign documents in a minute.
  • Online signatures can reduce the cost of printing, scanning and shipping documents.
  • Documents can be handled and monitored more easily and efficiently with online signatures.
  • Type signatures also help to eliminate the possibility of replication and alteration of documents. All the signatures are digitally encrypted to keep them safe and secured against fraud.
  • Businesses that are working remotely will benefit greatly from this online signature feature. It helps companies maximize their storage capacity as records can be stored on virtual servers.